Check out some of products below.In adition to our live product at any time we're working on multiple ideas of our next vintage and always looking for experienced and starter team members to take the products to the next level.So reach out if you want to discus your superpowers...


The Intelligent News and Research Alert

TrainMyNews is an intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) powered personalized news service delivered over email and voice.  TMN is designed to find the most relevant news on any topic, personalized for each individual user, while taking direct feedback on each individual topic, story and source.

Visional Commerce

Visional is the first fully integrated live-video shopping platform for Online-to-Offline (O2O) commerce .  We bring online shoppers into physicall retail stores using convenient mobile apps the expedite discovery, facilitate excellent service and consummate transactions much faster than any other option available.


viaCP is a product and team management tool that helps improve organization.

viaCP is a secure online product and team management tool helping individuals and companies add a level of organization to managing projects, collaboration, training, deliverables, files and information.


The First Local B2C Marketplace for Jewlery

Some people are writing local retail off, we believe the opposite so we buit EyeOnJewels, the first local B2C Marketplace focused on Jewelry and watches to sell local products to locall shoppers online. We're setting off to revive and flourish #ShopingLocal for Jewelry.


A podcast series covering technologies and business turning the wheels of online and offline retail.  Conducted over 100 interviews and recognized by NRF (National Retail Federation) as one of the top retail podcasts.


SportsLadders.com is the premier mobile sports challenge app for passionate sport players.

Welcome to SportsLadders.com, the premier mobile sports challenge app.  We created these site so passionate sports players can add some friendly competition into their favorite games and improve their skills as a result.  You can use this site to create and play on ladders for any sport.