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InfiniVentures provides the following consulting services to clients:


Having built and delivered 100's of digital products, projects and experiences InfiniVentures has a deep knowledge of how the organization of the 21st century can be continuously innovative in products and the teams who build and run the products. 

We put this experience to practice for our own products as well as help other organizations.  We also have a vast network of specialists we can bring together to assist on engagements.


New product ideation and build-out.  You have been working on your industry for 10+ years and have a revolutionary idea to fix a broken part of the system or improve it 10X, but you don't have the team and experience to build the product and bring it to life.  No worries, we work with small teams and single founders on a regular basis to bring their ideas to life using our internal processes and methodologies.  This is not mentors giving you advice and you're left by yourself figuring things out.  We actually design and build your product with you, with your input and deep involvement.  And not just the technology, we'll work with you on the business model, revenue opportunities, pricing strategies, customer acquisition, engagement, retention, growth, marketing, advertising, recruiting, finance funding and everything in between.

Digital Product Management training, certification, bootcamps and workshops.  At the heart of Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Uber, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and practically every large tech product and company is the team of product manages conceiving, planning, implementing and leading every product built, and in organized and systematic ways.  We train teams to learn how to put the same practices used at the top companies in their own to maintain or gain leadership market positions.

Day 1 assessment and training.  Day 1 is the concept of the continously innovative organization, championed at Amazon.  Day 1 is not the only innovation methodology, actually it's a mindset which InfiniVentures is evolving into a methodology which can be used in the daily life of teams.  Core to the Day 1 methodology is "Speed of innovation".  Speed of innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage in the 21st century for organizations, regardless of the industry, location or business model.  We assess your current organizations capabilities as an objective outsider and then working with your team put together an actionable process to improve the innovation metrics tied in with the latest product management techniques.  

- Blockchain (not Crypto) strategy, planning and workshops.

- E-commerce consulting.

- Microservise architecture.

- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

- Voice interface design and implementation.

- Remote learning course design, development and delivery.

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