TrainMyNews is an intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered news discovery service delivered over email and voice.  TMN is designed to find the most relevant news on any topic, personalized for each individual user, while taking direct feedback on each individual topic, story and source.

EyeOnJewels is the largest specialty local discovery site for Jewelry and Watches in the US.  With over 55,000 retail stores, designer brands and products we help shoppers every day find their favorite fine jewelry locally with the best possible service from real sales people.

Visional is the first complete mobile shopping platform using live video.  We bring online shoppers into physicall retail stores using convenient mobile apps the expedite discovery, facilitate excellent service and consummate transactions much faster than any other option available.

viaCP is a secure online tool helping teams manage projects, products, tasks and deliverables, files and information and collaborate in an organized space.